[icedtea6] remove obsolete sparc patch

Matthias Klose doko at ubuntu.com
Tue Nov 30 07:35:55 PST 2010

This chunk can be removed, in the defs.make file it is preceded by

# sparc
ifneq (,$(filter $(ARCH), sparc sparc64))
   ifeq ($(ARCH_DATA_MODEL), 64)
     ARCH_DATA_MODEL  = 64
     MAKE_ARGS        += LP64=1
     PLATFORM         = linux-sparcv9
     VM_PLATFORM      = linux_sparcv9
     ARCH_DATA_MODEL  = 32
     PLATFORM         = linux-sparc
     VM_PLATFORM      = linux_sparc
   HS_ARCH            = sparc

which already cares about the settings.

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