openjdk6-mips port added to icedtea server

Mark Wielaard mark at
Fri Oct 22 02:12:43 PDT 2010


LIU Qi asked if the openjdk6-mips port for Longsoon they have been
hacking on could be hosted on the icedtea server so it could be shared
with a wider audience. So it has been added:

All new code has been contributed under the GPL by Lemote, Inc.
Currently only the original mips port hackers can push new commits to it
so they can decide how to evolve the code. Please discuss on the
porters-dev mailinglist and with LIU Qi if you would like to contribute
patches and/or have ideas for how the repository should be setup (it
contains a full openjdk6 forest in a single repository atm).

Any commits pushed to the repository should also send an email to the
icedtea and porters-dev mailinglist (Dalibor might have to approve them
first before they appear on the porters-dev list).

The new hackers should also have gotten wiki accounts through email.
Please login and add a page
to describe the current status of the port, how to build it and any
hacking rules you want to follow for the repository.

Thanks and Happy Hacking,


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