[Bug 539] Norwegian common authorization system BankID does not work with IcedTea

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------- Comment #1 from gnu_andrew at member.fsf.org  2010-09-02 11:54 -------
Reassigning to plugin component and appropriate developer.

As you mention, this is pretty hard for us to work on without access to the

FWIW, the failure is from:

            if (Thread.currentThread() != getExclusiveOwnerThread())
                throw new IllegalMonitorStateException();

i.e. the queue is being unlocked by a thread other than the one that locked it.

'If the current thread is the holder of this lock then the hold                
                                                                   count is
decremented.  If the hold count is now zero then the lock                      
                                                    is released.  If the
current thread is not the holder of this                                        
lock then {@link IllegalMonitorStateException} is thrown.'

The BankID developers may be depending on undocumented threading properties of
the proprietary Oracle plugin.

Deepak, are there any plugin fixes not in 1.8.1?

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