[Bug 553] Unknown error reported in the JNI

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------- Comment #4 from gnu_andrew at member.fsf.org  2010-09-14 15:44 -------
You could try using strace to see what is causing the error.

OpenJDK6 is a stable platform and people come to expect certain results from
calling functions.  While it's a pain that this makes the error here hard to
diagnose (an issue on which I agree with you and it seems others on the web
have hit this too), there will be code that has been written on the assumption
that doing X results in this error being thrown and not JNI_EEXIST.  I used the
term 'whim' because you're suggesting that, for the benefit of you debugging
your program, we should risk breaking the expected behaviour for all other
users of the JDK, when there are other, albeit less convenient ways of
debugging your failure.  You can use debugging tools like strace and gdb. 
There's nothing stopping you just working with a version patched locally.  To
scale that up to every user of OpenJDK6 requires more consideration.

Further, it would be wise to see what the HotSpot developers have to say first.
 There may be a very good reason this hasn't been done or they may not.  But I
didn't develop this code and I wouldn't presume to guess whether this choice
was made on sound reasoning or just by chance.

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