Bootstrapping IcedTea6 with IcedTea6

Xerxes Rånby xerxes at
Mon Dec 5 02:48:59 PST 2011

2011-12-05 07:51, Florian Weimer skrev:
> In the light of<>,
> I wonder what's the correct way of building IcedTea6 when you haven't
> got GCJ, but only an older IcedTea6 version?  Is this possible at all?

It are possible by simply passing --disable-bootstrap to icedtea6 configure.
The build will then use the system installed OpenJDK JDK instead of having to first compile a bootstrap compiler using GCJ/ECJ.

Passing that option will also cut compile time in half.
We use the --disable-bootstrap option frequently when we build and test icedtea6 on the icedtea buildbots for all the "quick" builders:


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