Bootstrapping IcedTea6 with IcedTea6

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Tue Dec 6 18:54:04 PST 2011

On 10:14 Tue 06 Dec     , Xerxes Rånby wrote:
> 2011-12-05 18:34, Florian Weimer skrev:
> > * Xerxes Rånby:
> >
> >> 2011-12-05 07:51, Florian Weimer skrev:
> >>> In the light of<>,
> >>> I wonder what's the correct way of building IcedTea6 when you haven't
> >>> got GCJ, but only an older IcedTea6 version?  Is this possible at all?
> >>
> >> It are possible by simply passing --disable-bootstrap to icedtea6
> >> configure.
> To clarify this --disable-bootstrap configuration option are only supported by the icedtea6  1.9.x release and later.

No.  --with-openjdk was split into --disable-bootstrap and --with-jdk-home
at that point, but there has been an option to do a quick single build for
a long time.  It was just tied to a badly named option.

Please be careful about spreading such misinformation.

> >
> > But bug 631 says that this isn't a supported configuration.
> >
> >> The build will then use the system installed OpenJDK JDK instead of
> >> having to first compile a bootstrap compiler using GCJ/ECJ.
> >
> > This doesn't work if you've got IcedTea6 1.8.7 (say) and want to build
> > 1.8.10.
> unrelated, bug 631 are not related to the 1.8.x branch at all it was a 1.9 release bug. please file a new bug if you are seeing issues with the 1.8 branch.
> For the 1.8.x release branch a similar option existed to build icedtea6 without first building a bootstrap compiler using gcj/ecj but here under a different name:
> here you have to specify --with-openjdk to configure

I'm also confused about how this bug is related to your issue.  Please spell out your exact issue

A full bootstrap is the recommended way of building as it ensures that the just-built JDK is usable
(i.e. because it can build itself).  The quick option is useful for speed but prone to breakage
as classes change and conflicts arise.

A full bootstrap with a GNU Classpath VM like gcj is the most tested option and the one I'd recommend as it's least likely
to be prone to issue with class conflicts (not having the sun.* and com.sun.* classes in the way). 

You should be working with the 1.10 series unless there is some strong reason not to.  1.8 will reached
end-of-life upon the release of 1.11, and that's likely to be soon.
> >
> > It seems to me that I have to build with Icedtea6, but still enable
> > bootstrapping.  Is this possible?
> Building the bootstrap compiler (openjdk-ecj) using system installed icedtea6 instead of gcj/ecj are to my knowledge not supported on the icedtea6 branch.

No.  The only issue I'm aware of is the one below with IcedTea7 (as 7 needs a lot more workarounds).  A full
bootstrap of IcedTea6 with IcedTea6 should work from 1.10 on.

> For IcedTea7 things are much cleaner but we still are not able to build the openjdk-bootstrap using icedtea6 see bug:

If someone wants to work on this, feel free.
> Cheers and have a great day.
> Xerxes

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