[Bug 817] IcedTea7-2.0 fails to build on PaX enabled kernels.

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--- Comment #3 from Ralph Sennhauser <sera at gentoo.org> 2011-12-20 09:54:25 UTC ---
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Patch allowing to build under a pax enabled kernel

This is a patch against icedtea 2.0 and allows building of icedtea with a PaX
enabled kernel by applying the needed PaX markings before any use.

The PaX handling in icedtea6 is insufficient as it only allows non bootstrap

The patch introduces a new configure option so the type of PaX markings can be
configured. This obsoletes the current PaX handling in icedtea6.

The patch needs some polishing, anyway, it's good enough to give the idea what
would be needed.

Further comments can be found in the patch itself.

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