Reviewer needed for IcedTea7 - regression test java/lang/invoke/ added to exclude list.

Pavel Tisnovsky tisnik at
Wed Jun 1 02:35:50 PDT 2011

Hi all,

I'd like to add regression test
java/lang/invoke/ into IcedTea7 exclude list,
because this test is already included in OpenJDK7 exclude list (which we
don't use in IcedTea at this moment).

Here's ChangeLog entry:

2011-06-01  Pavel Tisnovsky  <ptisnovs at>

        * test/jtreg/excludelist.jdk.jtx:
        Added java/lang/invoke/
        regression test to exlude list to sync with OpenJDK7
        exclude list.

Can anybody review this change please?

As the next step it would be nice to reuse OpenJDK7 exclude list, I'll
look at this.

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