[RFC][icedtea6]: PR677 fix

Denis Lila dlila at redhat.com
Mon Jun 6 14:29:53 PDT 2011


The fix for this is a backport. I've attached two
patches. Each of them fixes it. The first is much
simpler, but it is not a complete backport of the
fix: it only takes the changes in Window.java, but
not src/windows/native/sun/windows/awt_Dialog.{cpp,h}.

ChangeLog (for pr677-fix-simple.patch):
+2011-06-06  Denis Lila  <dlila at redhat.com>
+   * patches/openjdk/6769607-modal-hangs.patch:
+   New patch. Fixes PR677.
+   * Makefile.am: Apply patch.
+   * NEWS: Update with backport.

The second patch is a complete backport, but it's much
bigger. I had to backport a couple of other changesets
to make it apply, and I also had to tweak an existing

ChangeLog (for pr677-fix-complete.patch):
+2011-06-06  Denis Lila <dlila at redhat.com>
+   * Makefile.am: Apply patches.
+   * NEWS: Update with backports.
+   * patches/openjdk/6578583-modality-broken-vista.patch:
+   * patches/openjdk/6610244-modal-fatal-error-windows.patch:
+   * patches/openjdk/6769607-modal-hangs.patch:
+   New patches. The last fixes PR677. The other two are
+   necessary for the last to fully apply.
+   * patches/openjdk/6693253-security_warning.patch:
+   Replace the awt_Dialog.cpp hunk with the corresponding hunk
+   from the OpenJDK7 changeset of which this patch is a backport.
+   Without this change, this patch doesn't apply unless the
+   previous 3 are removed.

I favour the first patch because with it we don't have to modify
6693253-security_warning.patch, but if it's important that
we keep the source changes as close to ojdk7's as
possible (even for windows only files), we can go with
the second.

Which one should I push?

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