pulse-audio patches

Denis Lila dlila at redhat.com
Thu Jun 16 08:06:10 PDT 2011

> Looks good to me. Okay for HEAD.


Now I attached the second patch. You already said it was
ok, so this is a formality, I guess.

2011-06-16  Denis Lila  <dlila at redhat.com>

    * pulseaudio/src/java/org/classpath/icedtea/pulseaudio/PulseAudioDataLine.java
    (addStreamListeners): Remove this.notifyAll() from
    openCloseListener.update; change this.notifyAll() to
    PulseAudioDataLine.this.notifyAll() in startedListener.update.
    * pulseaudio/src/java/org/classpath/icedtea/pulseaudio/PulseAudioTargetDataLine.java
    (read): Put fragmentBuffer null check in the synchronized block.
    (flush): Make it synchronized to avoid race condition with read().


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