Plans for IcedTea6 1.11

Dr Andrew John Hughes ahughes at
Wed Mar 2 07:03:34 PST 2011

On 23:22 Tue 01 Mar     , Dr Andrew John Hughes wrote:
> Some features I would like to see in 1.11 and issues that should be fixed.
> I'd expect 1.11 to appear in July/August; we've had an over-long development
> period for 1.10 (Sep-Mar).
> * 'make install' 
>   It should be possible for an end user to install the resulting JDK image,
>   rather than having this solely devolved to distros (distros are of course still welcome
>   to do their own thing and not use it).  This includes:
>     - cacerts generation:
> * OpenJDK6 b23
>   I expect this to be out in time.  It should include HotSpot 20 which is already supported
>   in HEAD, and will be switched to be the default shortly.
> * Update JTreg in IcedTea:
>   This has been needed for a while.
> Possibles:
> * Remove ct.sym.  ct.sym is a 15mb file which hides a number of classes from the user
>   when using javac in a very unintuitive way.  We should consider whether it would be
>   worth removing this.  It can already be disabled by the magic -XDignore.symbol.file=true.
>   See
> * Use system timezone data on build rather than the in-tree (and probably outdated) version.
> * Use system LCMS (needs v2 and OpenJDK7 backport).
> Please propose any other features you'd like to see in 1.11 and/or give your thoughts on those
> above.
> -- 

One issue with the hs20 upgrade is that the ARM port will no longer build with this at present.
If this is not fixed when b23 arrives with hs20, the ARM port will have to be dropped.
Is anyone planning to maintain this?
Andrew :)

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