Reviewer needed - fix for Re: Strange behaviour during javaws

Jiri Vanek jvanek at
Mon Mar 7 04:54:01 PST 2011

For Omair's notes:

 >This should not be required. Make will be running in 
 >$(abs_top_builddir). Besides, each make rule executes in a new shell - 
 >so the next line will not be affected by this cd command (look for 
 >other examples of cd in the Makefile to see how that's done).
 > +    echo "<HTML><BODY><h1>News</h1><pre>"> 
 > +    cat NEWS>>  ${NETX_EXTRA_DIST_DIR}/news.html
 >This fails in an out-of-tree build. Pleas use $(abs_top_srcdir)/NEWS 
 >instead. This also needs to be done for README and AUTHORS.


 >This patch effectively removes notes.html and applications.html, >right?

I have removed applications, kept notes (without authors), and add 
readme, news and authors.

 >You should make explicitly make a note of methods (like 
 >hyperlinkUpdate) which have been removed, as suggested in [1].

Methods names added into changelog

 >Please dont add blank spaces within rules.


For Andrews notes

 >* There should really be a template, {news,readme,authors} 
 >which then has
 >the relevant section replaced, rather than having all the html code 
 >here.  It

I have added templates, but some problems raised, for which i have 
solution you will kick my head of...

 >may be worth looking at XSLT for a really nice way of doing it, but I 

XSLT is not possible to be used with plaintext files.
 >sed would suffice, at least for a first bash.

Oh I really wanted to do it by sed. But for entering file (which can 
contains characters which needed to be escaped) into another file 
becomes sed useless. Co I have added small class which do this 
replacement instead of too unreadable-n-times-escaped SEDing.

 >* If I read this correctly, it's on the end of the install target.  It 
 >be there.  It should be a separate target generated during the build.

I thing it is in right place. In this place all resources are copied, so 
why not even the generated ones?

 >* What is jamIcon.jpg?
This icon have been presented in notes from its beginning.  I have just 
used it instead in notes in authors. And it is handsome here;)

 >I don't know what you're using to edit files, but you seem to be 
 >producing some odd
 >whitespace and indentation changes in your patches.

I'm, using netbeans. They do not use tab-character, and I consider it 
right - tab-character have nothing to do in java (notr for makefile!) 
code (except of \t in String). This files had tabs included from some 
old editor. I have not noticed it until patch dis-aligned.

I'm not sure if this Generator class which creates our generated html 
files  is suitable solution, but it seams to me much nicer then sed 
command which escape all escapable sequences in plaintext (as \& is very 
ugly to escape).

Regards J.
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