[IMMINENT RELEASE] 1.10.1 - RFC: JamVM: Base default min and max heap size on physical memory

Matthias Klose doko at ubuntu.com
Thu Mar 24 04:53:28 PDT 2011

On 24.03.2011 11:52, Xerxes Rånby wrote:
> On 2011-03-24 01:33, Dr Andrew John Hughes wrote:
>> On 12:13 Wed 23 Mar     , Omair Majid wrote:
>>> On 03/23/2011 12:08 PM, Dr Andrew John Hughes wrote:
>>>> I'd like to release 1.10.1 on Wednesday the 30th of March at 14h00 UTC.
>>>> Any other additions?
> Hi i would like to update JamVM once more to include this changeset
> http://git.berlios.de/cgi-bin/cgit.cgi/jamvm/commit/?id=cc6997003dd65ba5a32df471b7c0547fba9769f2
> This makes JamVM allocate the same default heap as Hotspot and thus makes JamVM a better fit for a slot in replacement of Hotspot on supported platforms.
> In practise this makes it possible to use JamVM in combination with IcedTea-web on ARM and MIPS without running out of memory all the time.
> I have attached patches for icedtea6
> Ok to push?
> and icedtea6-1.10
> Ok to push?

assuming that you have tested the changes, fine.


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