Reviewer needed - patch which fixes class SunToolkit

Pavel Tisnovsky ptisnovs at
Fri Mar 25 03:03:01 PDT 2011

Dr Andrew John Hughes wrote:
> Ok, repost with the revised name and NEWS update and I'll review it.

Hi Andrew,

I forgot to add info about change in NEWS to ChangeLog entry, so there's
new version of SunToolkit patch.

hg diff created against recent IcedTea6 HEAD is stored in attachment.

Here is new entry to ChangeLog:

2011-03-25  Pavel Tisnovsky  <ptisnovs at>

    * Add new patch.
    * NEWS: Updated (added info about new fix).
    * patches/mark_sun_toolkit_privileged_code.patch:
    Patch which fixes the AccessControlException while
    working with Color class in a PropertyEditor

Can you please review it?

Thank you in advance,

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