RFA: Exhume the ARM port [PR icedtea/484, 323]

Dr Andrew John Hughes ahughes at redhat.com
Fri Oct 21 06:12:29 PDT 2011

On 14:55 Thu 20 Oct     , Andrew Haley wrote:
> This patch is in two parts.  The first part simply undoes the commit
> that deleted the ARM assembler port.  The second part patches the
> port to work with the Hard FP ABI and HotSpot 20.
> This is the first patch.  As it simply undoes an earlier patch, I don't
> include a diff.
> 2011-09-15  Andrew Haley  <aph at redhat.com>
> 	Reinstate the ARM assembler port.  Back out this patch:
>   2011-07-11  Xerxes RÃ¥nby  <xerxes at zafena.se>
>           Removal of the ARM assembler port, unbreaks Zero and Shark builds.
>           * Makefile.am:
>           (ICEDTEA_PATCHES): Remove patches/arm.patch.
>           (clean-ports): Removed.
>           (stamps/ports.stamp): Likewise.
>           (hotspot-ports): Likewise.
>           * arm_port/hotspot/src/cpu/zero/vm/asm_helper.cpp: Removed.
>           * arm_port/hotspot/src/cpu/zero/vm/bytecodes_arm.def: Likewise.
>           * arm_port/hotspot/src/cpu/zero/vm/cppInterpreter_arm.S: Likewise.
>           * arm_port/hotspot/src/cpu/zero/vm/thumb2.cpp: Likewise.
>           * arm_port/hotspot/tools/mkbc.c: Likewise.
>           * patches/arm.patch: Likewise.
> This second patch is the update.  I'm sorry it's rather long, but
> anything much smaller crashes during bootstrap; you really need it
> all.  It's still only JDK 6 at the moment.  I'll look at implementing
> invokedynamic next, and there are some performance improvements on the
> way.
> OK for trunk?

I'll not comment on the big ARM patch, but in reinstating it, you need to
make sure it gets back into EXTRA_DIST.  This wasn't removed by Xerxes so
it won't be reinstated in a inversion of that patch:

2011-10-05  Andrew John Hughes  <ahughes at redhat.com>

	    * Makefile.am:
        (EXTRA_DIST): Complete ARM port
	removal by removing arm_port.

Without that, the ARM port won't ship in our tarballs.  You'll also want
to remove/replace the NEWS item that says the ARM port has been removed in
1.11... ;-)

> Andrew.

Andrew :)

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