Behaviour of javaws when handling spaces.

Pavel Tisnovsky ptisnovs at
Thu Oct 27 07:25:33 PDT 2011

Jiri Vanek wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm trying to provide test to latest Omair's patch to PR804.
> Patch itself is not ready (I'm posting it just for clarifications),
> because I hesitated how javaws should handle "Spaced" files.
> Omair's patch fixed state, when locally lunched file with spaces was
> handled incorrectly. But question is, how is this file obtained from
> server? I believe that in URL which downloads this file should (eg)
> spaces replaced by %20 (and so on), but file should be saved (eg into
> cache or for next usage) correctly. If So, how the hrefs inside jnlp
> should be written? With spaces or with "%20"? If there are Spaces then
> it is working on local lunching, and %20 are working on remote lunching,
> but not vice versa.
> In my reproducer all those cases are covered (local x remote and jnlp
> with spaces x jar with spaces). But all of the cases except one (jnlp
> with spaces, jar without spaces) are failing.
> Some changes to engine were necessary - handling of spaces in makefile,
> and correct(?) translating  URI <-> String insinde tiny http server.
> Any remarks tto patch and to correct space handling welcomed.

Hi Jiri,

from my point of view, the percent encoding should be used only during requesting (possibly distant) file, ie in
URL/URI, but on the other hand the file name must contains spaces, not %20s. Also please note, that not only space is
encoded by percent encoding:


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