Configuring gcj and ecj.jar to build icedtea6

Jiri Vanek jvanek at
Mon Oct 31 11:12:33 PDT 2011

On 10/29/2011 03:58 PM, Robin Cook wrote:
> After all the build output found the problem.
> gawk, head, tail, test, and wc are in /bin instead of /usr/bin; and
> grep, egrep, and fgrep are in /usr/bin instead of /bin.
> Is there a way to have configure find those or will I have to manually
> edit the makefiles?
> Thanks
> Robin Cook
> On Fri, 2011-10-28 at 22:56 -0500, Robin Cook wrote:
>> Found part of the problem.
>> My egrep, grep, and fgrep are in /usr/bin instead of /bin and
>> my gawk, tail, and head are in /bin instead of /usr/bin.
>> Not well enough versed in the auto tools to know what to change to make
>> it check for those progams in both /bin and /usr/bin.

Thank you for getting  to the issue.  I'm not aware that there is such possibility in icedtea. Maybe gnu_andrew can say more. But currently I think they are not present.
Please, in case that you will add configure-ability for those basic commands into build scripts, can you push it to upstream (to us)?

Just from curiosity, which distro are you running in?

Best regards

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