Configuring gcj and ecj.jar to build icedtea6

Dr Andrew John Hughes ahughes at
Mon Oct 31 15:10:06 PDT 2011

On 19:42 Fri 28 Oct     , Robin Cook wrote:
> Hello,
> I use a sourced base distribution and I am trying to figure out what all
> needs to be done to build icedtea6 1.10.4 using gcj and ejc.jar.
> I have gcc 4.6.1 with c++ and gcj compiled and installed and as part of
> gcj it installs ecj.jar.
> I can't seem to find any instructions anywhere on what to do next to get
> it setup so icedtea6 will build.  
> If someone can point me to information on getting gcj and ecj.jar setup
> would be a big help.  Thanks.
> This is what I get when I try to build icedtea6,  I have the complete
> build log if that is needed.
> WARNING: Your build environment has the variable NO_DOCS
>          defined. This will result in a development-only
>          build of the JDK, lacking the documentation
>          build.
> WARNING: The version of make being used is older than 
>        the required version of '3.78'. 
>        The version of make found was ''. 
> WARNING: The version of unzip being used is older than 
>        the required version of '5.12'. 
>        The version of unzip found was ''. 
> WARNING: The version of zip being used is older than 
>        the required version of '2.2'. 
>        The version of zip found was ''. 
> ERROR: Your BOOTDIR environment variable does not point 
>        to a valid JDK for bootstrapping this build. 
>        A JDK 6  Update 22 build must be bootstrapped using  
>        JDK 1.6.0 fcs (or later). 
>        Apparently, your bootstrap JDK is version  
>        Please update your ALT_BOOTDIR setting and start your build
> again. 

As noted in my other e-mail, your config.log from the IcedTea build
is needed here to work out what's going on.  IcedTea will set up
a JDK environment in ${builddir}/bootstrap for the OpenJDK build,
but it looks like something is going wrong here.

The NO_DOCS one is expected BTW; IcedTea does two OpenJDK builds; one
with your bootstrap environment, and then again with the just-built
one to make sure it's good to go.  On the first build, we turn off
doc building to speed things up as they'll be generated on the second
pass anyway and thus part of the final image.

> The missing programs are installed:
> make   3.82
> zip    3.0 
> unzip  6.0
> Also is there a way to build icedtea6 without libxp since is has been
> deprecated for quite a while is not normally on the system?
> Is there a way to have configure look in /usr/bin for some of the
> progams it looks in /bin for (exp egrep)?
> Thanks 

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