[SECURITY] IcedTea 2.3.1 Released!

Andïï gnu_andrew at member.fsf.org
Wed Aug 29 17:51:07 PDT 2012

We are pleased to announce the release of IcedTea 2.3.1 [*], based on
OpenJDK7 u6.

The IcedTea project provides a harness to build the source code from
OpenJDK using
Free Software build tools, along with additional features such as a
PulseAudio sound driver
and support for alternative virtual machines.

This 2.3.1 release includes a fix for the zero-day issue that arose this week:

* RH852051, CVE-2012-4681: Reintroduce PackageAccessible checks
removed in 6788531.

Security releases for the previous release branches, 2.1 & 2.2, will
follow shortly.

We believe that the 2.3.1 release takes IcedTea to the level of
Oracle's proprietary
7u6 binaries, being based on the latest contents of the OpenJDK u6
Mercurial repositories.

In addition, IcedTea includes the usual IcedTea patches to allow
builds against system libraries
and to support more estoric architectures.

As detailed in:


Zero is again supported again in this release, by the use of the older
HotSpot from IcedTea 2.1 when building
with --enable-zero.

Patches are welcome; please contact the mailing list (distro-pkg-dev
at openjdk.java.net) and/or file
bugs (http://icedtea.classpath.org/bugzilla) under the appropriate component.

[*] Note that IcedTea 2.3.0 ended up as a forest-based release only,
as the need for a security update
become apparent before a matching IcedTea release could be made.

Full details of the release can be found below.

What’s New?
New in release 2.3.1 (2012-08-29):

* Security fixes
  - RH852051, CVE-2012-4681: Reintroduce PackageAccessible checks
removed in 6788531.
* Bug fixes
  - PR902: PulseAudioClip getMicrosecondsLength() returns length in
milliseconds, not microseconds
  - PR986: IcedTea7 fails to build with IcedTea6 CACAO due to low max heap size
  - PR1050: Stream objects not garbage collected
  - PR1119: Only add classes to rt-source-files.txt if the class (or
one or more of its methods/fields)
    are actually missing from the boot JDK
  - PR1137: Allow JARs to be optionally compressed by setting COMPRESS_JARS
* OpenJDK
  - Make dynamic support for GConf work again.
  - PR1095: Add configure option for -Werror
  - PR1101: Undefined symbols on GNU/Linux SPARC
  - PR1140: Unnecessary diz files should not be installed
  - S7192804, PR1138: Build should not install jvisualvm man page for OpenJDK
* JamVM
  - ARMv6 armhf: Changes for Raspbian (Raspberry Pi)
  - PPC: Don't use lwsync if it isn't supported
  - X86: Generate machine-dependent stubs for i386
  - When suspending, ignore detached threads that have died, this prevents
    a user caused deadlock when an external thread has been attached to the VM
    via JNI and it has exited without detaching
  - Add missing REF_TO_OBJs for references passed from JNI, this enable JamVM
    to run Qt-Jambi

New in release 2.3 (2012-08-15):

* OpenJDK
  - S6310967: SA: jstack -m produce failures in output
  - S6346658: (se) Selector briefly spins when asynchronously closing
a registered channel [win]
  - S6414899: P11Digest  should support cloning
  - S6888634: test/closed/javax/swing/Popup/TaskbarPositionTest.java fails
  - S6893617: JDK 6 CNCtx always uses the default ORB
  - S6924259: Remove offset and count fields from java.lang.String
  - S6961765: Double byte characters corrupted in DN for LDAP referrals
  - S6994562: Swing classes (both JTextArea and JTextField) don't
support caret width tuning
  - S7013850: Please change the mnemonic assignment system to avoid
translation issue
  - S7024749: JDK7 b131---a crash in:
  - S7024963: Notepad demo: remove non-translatable resources from
Notepad.properties file
  - S7024965: Stylepad demo: remove non-translatable resources from
Stylepad.properties file
  - S7027139: getFirstIndex() does not return the first index that has changed
  - S7027300: Unsynchronized HashMap access causes endless loop
  - S7043963: AWT workaround missing for Mutter.
  - S7049339: AnyBlit is broken with non-rectangular clips.
  - S7063674: Wrong results from basic comparisons after calls to
  - S7071826: Avoid benign race condition in initialization of UUID
  - S7071907: JDK: Full Debug Symbols
  - S7074616: java.lang.management.ManagementFactory.getPlatformManagementInterfaces
  - S7074853: TransparentRuler demos Readme should mention the correct
jar file name
  - S7079902: Refine CORBA data models
  - S7080109: Dialog.show() lacks doPrivileged() to access system event queue
  - S7087428: move client tests out of jdk_misc
  - S7090832: Some locale info are not localized for some languages.
  - S7092140: Test:
java/util/concurrent/locks/Lock/TimedAcquireLeak.java fails on SE-E
due to -XX:-UsePerfData
  - S7092551: Double-click in TextField sets caret to the beginning
  - S7093156: NLS Please change the mnemonic assignment system to
avoid translation issue (Swing files)
  - S7096436: (sc) SocketChannel.connect fails on Windows 8 when
channel configured non-blocking
  - S7100140: [macosx] Test
closed/javax/sound/sampled/DirectAudio/bug6400879.java is invalid
  - S7102323: RFE: enable Full Debug Symbols Phase 1 on Solaris
  - S7103665: HeapWord*ParallelScavengeHeap::failed_mem_allocate(unsigned
  - S7103889: (fs) Reduce String concatenation when iterating over directory
  - S7104147: the fix for cr6887286 was not appropriate for backporting
  - S7105952: Improve finalisation for
  - S7107063: Fork hs22.1 hsx from hs22.0 for 7u3 and reinitialize build number
  - S7107099: JScrollBar does not show up even if there are enough
lebgth of textstring in textField
  - S7110104: It should be possible to stop and start JMX Agent at runtime
  - S7110396: Sound code fails to build with gcc 4.6 on multiarch Linux systems
  - S7110720: Issue with vm config file loadingIssue with vm config file loading
  - S7112115: Component.getLocationOnScreen() work incorrectly if
create window in point (0, 0) on oel
  - S7112427: The doclet needs to be able to generate JavaFX documentation.
  - S7113740: hotspot_version file has wrong JDK_MINOR_VER
  - S7116462: Bump the hs21.1 build number to 02
  - S7118100: (prefs) Inconsistency when using system and user
preference on OSX Lion
  - S7118280: The gbyc00102 JCK7 test causes an assert in JVM 7.0 fastdebug mode
  - S7118373: (se) Potential leak file descriptor when deregistrating
at around the same time as an async close
  - S7120481: storeStore barrier in constructor with final field
  - S7120895: FontConfiguration should not use thread contextClassLoader
  - S7122740: PropertyDescriptor Performance Slow
  - S7123170: JCK vm/jvmti/ResourceExhausted/resexh001/resexh00101/
tests fails since 7u4 b02
  - S7123582: (launcher) display the -version and -XshowSettings
  - S7123896: Unexpected behavior due to Solaris using separate IPv4
and IPv6 port spaces
  - S7123957: Switch of Gnome theme ends up deadlocked in
  - S7124210: [macosx] Replacing text in a TextField does generate an
extra TextEvent
  - S7124219: [macosx] Unable to draw images to fullscreen
  - S7124239: [macosx] sun.awt.SunToolkit.InfiniteLoop exception in
realSync called from SwingTestHelper
  - S7124247: [macosx] Implement GraphicsDevice.setDisplayMode()
  - S7124262: [macosx] Drag events go to a wrong child.
  - S7124286: [macosx] Option modifier should work like AltGr as in Apple jdk 6
  - S7124321: [macosx] TrayIcon MouseListener is never triggered
  - S7124326: [macosx] An issue similar to autoshutdown one in two
AppContexts situation.
  - S7124328: [macosx] javax.swing.JDesktopPane.getAllFramesInLayer
returns unexpected value
  - S7124376: [macosx] Modal dialog lost focus
  - S7124400: [macosx] CGraphicsDevice.getConfigurations() returns
reference to member (does not copy configs)
  - S7124411: [macosx] There's no KEY_TYPED for VK_ESCAPE
  - S7124428: [macosx] Frame.setExtendedState() doesn't work for
undecorated windows
  - S7124523: [macosx] b216: Mising part of applet UI
  - S7124537: [macosx] Menu shortcuts for all menu items should be
disabled if a menu itself is disabled
  - S7124551: [macosx] Once added, Menu shortcut cannot be removed
  - S7125044: [macosx] Test failure because Component.transferFocus()
works differently in applet and application
  - S7126277: Alternative String hashing implementation
  - S7127235: (fs) NPE in Files.walkFileTree if cached attributes are GC'ed
  - S7128699: Change the bundle name so it won't be overwritten when
installing a new version
  - S7128738: dragged dialog freezes system on dispose
  - S7129401: PPC: runtime/7100935/TestShortArraycopy.java fails
  - S7129715: MAC: SIGBUS in nsk stress test
  - S7129872: test/sun/security/pkcs11/KeyStore/SecretKeysBasic.sh
failing on non-Solaris platforms on 7u4
  - S7130241: [macosx] TransparentRuler demo can not run due to
lacking of perpixel transparency support
  - S7130404: [macosx] "os.arch" value should be "x86_64" for
compatibility with Apple JDK6
  - S7130521: [macosx]
closed/javax/swing/JMenuItem/6209975/bug6209975.java failed on macosx
  - S7131021: [macosx] Consider using system properties to pass
arguments from the launcher to AWT/SplashScreen
  - S7132070: Use a mach_port_t as the OSThread thread_id rather than
pthread_t on BSD/OSX
  - S7132692: [macosx] Class com.apple.eawt not functioning
  - S7132793: [macosx] setWheelScrollEnabled action reversed
  - S7132808: [macosx]
closed/javax/swing/JFileChooser/4524490/bug4524490.java fails on MacOS
  - S7133138: Improve io performance around timezone lookups
  - S7133566: [macosx]
closed/javax/swing/JTable/4220171/bug4220171.java fails on MacOS
  - S7133571: [macosx]
closed/javax/swing/JToolBar/4247996/bug4247996.java fails on MacOS
  - S7133573: [macosx]
closed/javax/swing/JToolTip/4846413/bug4846413.java fails on MacOS
  - S7133581: [macosx]
closed/javax/swing/JTree/4330357/bug4330357.java fails on MacOS
  - S7134701: [macosx] Support legacy native library names
  - S7136506: FDS: rework jdk repo Full Debug Symbols support
  - S7141141: Add 3 new test scenarios for testing Main-Class
attribute in jar manifest file
  - S7142091: [macosx] RFE: Refactoring of peer initialization/disposing
  - S7142172: Custom TrustManagers that return null for
getAcceptedIssuers will NPE
  - S7142641: -Xshared:on fails on ARM
  - S7142847: TEST_BUG:
java/nio/file/WatchService/SensitivityModifier.java has incorrect @run
tag, runs Basic
  - S7143353: -Xrunhprof fails in Java 7 due to bad switch
  - S7143606: File.createTempFile should be improved for temporary
files created by the platform.
  - S7143614: SynthLookAndFeel stability improvement
  - S7143617: Improve fontmanager layout lookup operations
  - S7143744: (se) Stabilize KQueue SelectorProvider and make default on MacOSX
  - S7143851: Improve IIOP stub and tie generation in RMIC
  - S7143872: Improve certificate extension processing
  - S7144063: [macosx] Swing JMenu mnemonic doesn't work; hint
misleading; cross symbol typed
  - S7144086: TEST_BUG:
java/nio/file/WatchService/SensitivityModifier.java failing
  - S7144328: Improper commandlines for -XX:+-UnlockCommercialFeatures
require proper warning/error messages
  - S7144423: StAX EventReader swallows the cause of error
  - S7144488: Infinite recursion for some equals tests in Collections
  - S7144530: KeyTab.getInstance(String) no longer handles keyTabNames
with "file:" prefix
  - S7144542: [macosx] Crash in liblwawt.dylib setBusy() when exiting an FX app
  - S7145024: Crashes in ucrypto related to C2
  - S7145239: Finetune package definition restriction
  - S7145768: [macosx] Regression: failure in b11 of ModalDialogInFocusEventTest
  - S7145771: [macosx] CreateFont/Register.java test fails because of
cached results of getAllFonts()
  - S7145798: System.loadLibrary does not search current working directory
  - S7145827: [macosx] JCK failure in b11: FocusableWindow3
  - S7145980: Dispose method of window.java takes long
  - S7146099: NLS: [de,es,it,ko,pt_BR]launcher_**.properties, double
backslash issue.
  - S7146131: [macosx] When click the show optionpane button,it
display partly of dialog and hung until timeout
  - S7146431: java.security files out-of-sync
  - S7146442: assert(false) failed: bad AD file
  - S7146550: [macosx] DnD test failure in createCompatibleWritableRaster()
  - S7146564: DefaultProxySelector should filter and ::0 [macosx]
  - S7146728: Inconsistent length for the generated secret using DH
key agreement impl from SunJCE and PKCS11
  - S7147055: [macosx] Cursors are changing over a blocked window; also blinking
  - S7147066: [macosx] FileDialog.getDirectory() returns incorrect directory
  - S7147078: [macosx] Echo char set in TextField doesn't prevent word jumping
  - S7147407: remove never used debug code in DnsClient.java
  - S7147666: High lock time for
  - S7147724: G1: hang in SurrogateLockerThread::manipulatePLL
  - S7147848: com.sun.management.UnixOperatingSystem uses hardcoded
dummy values [macosx]
  - S7148143: PropertyChangeSupport.addPropertyChangeListener can
throw ClassCastException
  - S7148242: Regression: valid code rejected during generic type
well-formedness check
  - S7148275: [macosx] setIconImages() not working correctly
(distorted icon when minimized)
  - S7148281: [macosx] JTabbedPane tabs with HTML text do not render correctly
  - S7148289: [macosx] Deadlock in
  - S7148556: Implementing a generic interface causes a public clone()
to become inaccessible
  - S7148584: Jar tools fails to generate manifest correctly when
boundary condition hit
  - S7148663: new hotspot build - hs23-b17
  - S7148921: More ProblemList updates (2/2012)
  - S7149005: [macosx] Java Control Panel's UI controls are distorted
when draging scroll bar.
  - S7149005: [macosx] Orphaned Choice popup window
  - S7149062: [macosx] dock menu don't show available frames
  - S7149085: [macosx] Quit with QuitStrategy CLOSE_ALL_WINDOWS does
terminate application
  - S7149320: Move sun.misc.VM.booted() to the end of
  - S7149608: Default TZ detection fails on linux when symbolic links
to non default location used.
  - S7149785: Minor corrections to ScriptEngineManager javadoc
  - S7149913: [macosx] Deadlock in LWTextComponentPeer
  - S7150051: incorrect oopmap in critical native
  - S7150089: [macosx] Default for a custom cursor created from
non-existent image is not transparent
  - S7150105: [macosx] four scroll-buttons don't display.
scroll-sliders cursors are TextCursor
  - S7150322: Stop using drop source bundles in jaxws
  - S7150326: new hotspot build - hs23-b18
  - S7150345: [macosx] Can't type into applets
  - S7150349: [macosx] Applets attempting to show popup menus activate
the applet process
  - S7150390: JFR test crashed on assert(_jni_lock_count == count)
failed: must be equal
  - S7150392: Linux build breaks with GCC 4.7 due to unrecognized option
  - S7150454: add release jdk7u4 to jprt.properties
  - S7150516: [macosx] appletviewer shouldn't link against libX11 on the Mac
  - S7150637: No newline emitted after XML decl in XSLT output
  - S7151070: NullPointerException in Resolve.isAccessible
  - S7151118: Regressions on 7u4 b11 comp. 7u4 b06 on
specjvm2008.xml.transform subbenchmark
  - S7151484: NullPointerException caused by a bug in
  - S7151573: Fork hs23.1 hsx from hs23.0 for 7u5 and reinitialize build number
  - S7152564: Improve CodeSource.matchLocation(CodeSource) performance
  - S7152608: [macosx] Crash in liblwawt.dylib in AccelGlyphCache_RemoveCellInfo
  - S7152690: Initialization error with charset SJIS_0213 when
security manager is enabled
  - S7152784: new hotspot build - hs23-b19
  - S7152800: All tests using the attach API fail with "well-known
file is not secure" on Mac OS X
  - S7152811: Issues in client compiler
  - S7152952: [macosx] List rows overlap with enlarged font
  - S7152954: G1: Native memory leak during full GCs
  - S7153184: NullPointerException when calling
  - S7153693: Three 2D_ImageIO tests failed due ImageFormatException
on OEL 6.* Unbreakable Kernel x64
  - S7153735: [macosx] Text with diacritics is pasted with broken encoding
  - S7153977: Generate English man pages for JDK 7u4
  - S7154047: [macosx] When we choose print one page in the print
dialog,it still prints all the pages.
  - S7154048: [macosx] At least drag twice, the toolbar can be dragged
to the left side.
  - S7154062: [macosx] Mouse cursor isn't updated in applets
  - S7154072: [macosx] swallowing key events
  - S7154088: [macosx] Regression: Component.createImage do not
inherits component attributes
  - S7154130: Add Mac OS X Instructions to README-builds.html
  - S7154177: [macosx] An invisible owner frame becomes visible upon
clicking a child window
  - S7154333: JVM fails to start if -XX:+AggressiveHeap is set
  - S7154480: [macosx] Not all popup menu items are visible
  - S7154505: [macosx] NetBeans sometimes starts with no text rendered
  - S7154516: [macosx] Popup menus have no visible borders
  - S7154677: new hotspot build - hs23-b20
  - S7154724: jdk7u4 test properties missing from jprt.properties
  - S7154758: NLS: 7u4 message drop 20
  - S7154770: NLS: 7u4 man page update
  - S7154809: JDI: update JDI/JDB debugee commandline option parsing
  - S7154822: forward port fix for Bug 13645891 to JDK8 jcmd (1024
byte file size limit issue)
  - S7155051: DNS provider may return incorrect results
  - S7155419: Remove reference to JRockit and commercial features from
java man page
  - S7155453: [macosx] re-enable jbb tests in JPRT
  - S7155757: make jdk7u4 the default jprt release for hs23
  - S7156000: Change makefile to reflect refactored classes
  - S7156191: [macosx] Can't type into applet demos in Pivot
  - S7156194: [macosx] Can't type non-ASCII characters into applets
  - S7156657: Version 7 doesn't support translucent popup menus
against a translucent window
  - S7156729: PPC: R_PPC_REL24 relocation error related to some
libraries built without -fPIC
  - S7156831: The jcmd man page is not included in generated bundles
  - S7156842: test/java/util/zip/ZipFile/vmcrash.zip triggers McAffe
virus warning
  - S7156960: Incorrect copyright headers in parts of the Serviceability agent
  - S7156963: Incorrect copyright header in java/io/SerialCallbackContext
  - S7157141: crash in 64 bit with corrupted oops
  - S7157296: FDS: ENABLE_FULL_DEBUG_SYMBOLS flag should only affect OPT builds
  - S7157365: jruby/bench.bench_timeout crashes with JVM internal error
  - S7157608: One feature is not recognized.
  - S7157609: Issues with loop
  - S7157610: NullPointerException occurs when parsing XML doc
  - S7157659: [macosx] Landscape Printing orientation doesn't work
  - S7157855: jvisualvm.1 not included in binaries
  - S7157903: JSSE client sockets are very slow
  - S7158067: FDS: ENABLE_FULL_DEBUG_SYMBOLS flag should only affect
product builds
  - S7158116: Bump the hs23.1 build number to b02
  - S7158135: new hotspot build - hs23-b21
  - S7158366: [macosx] Print-to-file dialog doesn't have an entry
field for a name
  - S7158457: division by zero in adaptiveweightedaverage
  - S7158483: (tz) Support tzdata2012c
  - S7158712: Synth Property "ComboBox.popupInsets" is ignored
  - S7158800: Improve storage of symbol tables
  - S7158928: [macosx] NLS: Please change the mnemonic assignment system
  - S7159016: Static import of member in processor-generated class
fails in JDK 7
  - S7159266: [macosx] ApplicationDelegate should not be set in the
headless mode
  - S7159320: change default ZIP_DEBUGINFO_FILES back to '1' after fix
for 7133529 is available
  - S7159381: [macosx] Dock Icon defaults to Generic Java Application Category
  - S7159766: Tiered compilation causes performance regressions
  - S7160293: [macosx] FileDialog appears on secondary display
  - S7160539: JDeveloper crashes on 64-bit Windows
  - S7160623: [macosx] Editable TextArea/TextField are blocking GUI
applications from exit
  - S7160677: missing else in fix for 7152811
  - S7160757: Problem with hotspot/runtime_classfile
  - S7160895: tools/launcher/VersionCheck.java attempts to launch .debuginfo
  - S7161105: unused classes in jdk7u repository
  - S7161766: [macosx] javax/swing/JPopupMenu/6694823/bug6694823.java
failed on Mac OS X
  - S7161881: (dc) DatagramChannel.bind(null) fails if IPv4 socket and
running with preferIPv6Addresses=true
  - S7162043: Add headless mode tests to problem list [macosx]
  - S7162144: Missing AWT thread in headless mode in 7u4 b06
  - S7162440: Fix typo in BUNDLE_ID-related macro names
  - S7162440: Fix typo in BUNDLE_ID variable so it can be overridden
  - S7162440: Fix typo in macro so BUNDLE_ID can be overridden
  - S7162902: Umbrella port of a number of corba bug fixes from JDK 6 to jdk7u/8
  - S7163117: Agent can't connect to process on Mac OSX
  - S7163470: Licensee source bundle build failed with CipherSpi not found (7u4)
  - S7163471: Licensee source bundle failed around 7u4
  - S7163524: Add SecTaskAccess attribute to jstack [macosx]
  - S7163621: Bump the hs23.1 build number to b03
  - S7164344: enabling ZIP_DEBUGINFO_FILES causes unexpected test
failures on Solaris and Windows
  - S7165060: dtrace tests fail with FDS debug info files
  - S7165257: Add JFR tests to the JDK code base
  - S7165598: enable FDS on Solaris X64 when 7165593 is fixed
  - S7165628: Issues with java.lang.invoke.MethodHandles.Lookup
  - S7165755: OS Information much longer on linux than other platforms
  - S7166437: [macosx] Support for Window.Type.UTILITY on the Mac
  - S7166498: JVM crash in ClassVerifier
  - S7166570: JSSE certificate validation has started to fail for
certificate chains
  - S7166687: InetAddress.getLocalHost().getHostName() returns FQDN
  - S7166956: Integrate the Java Access Bridge with Java Runtime
  - S7167028: new hotspot build - hs23.2-b01
  - S7167142: Consider a warning when finding a .hotspotrc or
.hotspot_compiler file that isn't used
  - S7167157: jcmd command file parsing does not respect the "stop" command
  - S7167254: Crash on OSX in Enumerator.nextElement() with compressed oops
  - S7167266: missing copyright notes in 3rd party code
  - S7167359: (tz) SEGV on solaris if TZ variable not set
  - S7167406: (Zero) Fix for InvokeDynamic needed
  - S7167625: Adjustments for SE-Embedded build process
  - S7168098: Adjustments for SE-Embedded build process
  - S7168110: Misleading jstack error message
  - S7168191: Signature validation can fail under certain circumstances
  - S7168249: new hotspot build - hs23.2-b02
  - S7168374: Upgrade of XML components to JAXB 2.2.4-2, SAAJ 1.3.16,
JAXWS 2.2.4-1
  - S7168505: (bf) MappedByteBuffer.load does not load buffer's
content into memory
  - S7168520: No jdk8 TL Nightly linux builds due to broken link in
  - S7168550: [macosx] duplicate OGL context state changes related to
vertex cache
  - S7169050: (se) Selector.select slow on Solaris due to insertion of
POLLREMOVE and 0 events
  - S7169111: Unreadable menu bar with Ambiance theme in GTK L&F
  - S7169226: NLS: Please change the mnemonic assignment system for
windows and motif properties
  - S7169782: C2: SIGSEGV in LShiftLNode::Ideal(PhaseGVN*, bool)
  - S7170009: new hotspot build - hs23.2-b03
  - S7170145: C1 doesn't respect the JMM with volatile field loads
  - S7170169: (props) System.getProperty("os.name") should return
"Windows 8" when run on Windows 8
  - S7170197: Update JPRT default build targets to support embedded builds
  - S7170203: TEST_BUG: test/java/nio/MappedByteBuffer/Truncate.java
failing intermittently
  - S7170275: os::print_os_info needs to know about Windows 8
  - S7170449: Management is completely broken at least on Solaris 11 X86
  - S7170657: [macosx] There seems to be no keyboard/mouse action to
select non-contiguous items in List
  - S7170716: JVM crash when opening an AWT app from a registered file.
  - S7171163: [macosx] Shortcomings in the design of the secondary
native event loop made JavaFX DnD deadlock
  - S7171223: Building ExtensionSubtables.cpp should use -fno-strict-aliasing
  - S7171653: 32-bit cross-compile on 64-bit build host generates
64-bit data for awt/X11 leading to crash
  - S7171703: JNI DefineClass crashes client VM when first parameter is NULL
  - S7171852: new hotspot build - hs23.2-b04
  - S7172430: [macosx] debug message in non debug jdk build
  - S7172552: jabswitch utility should not request elevated privilege
on the system
  - S7172708: 32/64 bit type issues on Windows after Mac OS X port
  - S7172722: Latest jdk7u from OSX broke universal build
  - S7173329: Fix build broken by 7126277 to jdk7u-dev
  - S7173432: Handle null key at HashMap resize
  - S7173436: new hotspot build - hs23.2-b05
  - S7173487: [macosx] Problems with popup menus, tooltips and dialog
boxes in dual monitor setup
  - S7173515: (se) Selector.open fails with OOME on Solaris when
unlimited file descriptors
  - S7173635: jprt.properties should include release jdk7u6
  - S7173645: (props) System.getProperty("os.name") should return
"Windows Server 2012" for Windows Server 2012
  - S7173918: set alternative string hashing threshold.
  - S7174244: NPE in Krb5ProxyImpl.getServerKeys()
  - S7174363: Arrays.copyOfRange leads to VM crash with -Xcomp -server
if executed by testing framework
  - S7174510: 19 JCK compiler tests fail with C2 error:
memNode.cpp:812 - ShouldNotReachHere
  - S7174645: Could not enable access bridge
  - S7174704: [macosx] New issue in 7u6 b12: HeadlessPrintingTest failure
  - S7174718: [macosx] Regression in 7u6 b12: PopupFactory leaks DefaultFrames.
  - S7174736: JCK test api/java_util/HashMap/index_EntrySet failing
  - S7174861: all/OPT jdk build on Solaris with FDS enabled sets wrong options
  - S7174928: JSR 292: unresolved invokedynamic call sites deopt and
osr infinitely
  - S7174970: NLS [ccjk] Extra mnemonic keys at standard
filechooserdialog (open and save) in metal L&F
  - S7175133: jinfo failed to get system properties after 6924259
  - S7175255: symlinks are wrong, which caused jdk8-promote-2 to fail
(client/64/64 directories in debuginfo zips)
  - S7175331: Remove FDS files from embedded JRE images
  - S7175367: NLS: 7u6 message drop10 integration
  - S7175516: new hotspot build - hs23.2-b06
  - S7175758: Improve unit test of Map iterators and Iterator.remove()
  - S7175802: Missing jdk_jfr in top-level make file
  - S7175845: "jar uf" changes file permissions unexpectedly
  - S7176630: (sc) SocketChannel.write does not write more than 128k
when channel configured blocking [win]
  - S7176784: Windows authentication not working on some computers
  - S7176894: back out LocaleNames_xx.properties files from 7u6 message drop10
  - S7177128: SA cannot get correct system properties after 7126277
  - S7177144: [macosx] Drag and drop not working (regression in 7u6)
  - S7177173: [macosx] JFrame.setExtendedState(JFrame.MAXIMIZED_BOTH)
not working as expected in JDK 7
  - S7177216: native2ascii changes file permissions of input file
  - S7177365: new hotspot build - hs23.2-b07
  - S7177617: TEST_BUG: java/nio/channels/AsyncCloseAndInterrupt.java
failing (win)
  - S7177701: error: Filling jar message during
javax/imageio/metadata/IIOMetadataFormatImpl compilation
  - S7178079: REGRESSION: Some AWT Drag-n-Drop tests fail since JDK 7u6 b13
  - S7178113: build environment change
  - S7178483: Change version string for Embedded releases
  - S7178548: Hashtable alternative hashing threshold default ignored
  - S7178670: runtime/7158800/BadUtf8.java fails in SymbolTable::rehash_table
  - S7179138: Incorrect result with String concatenation optimization
  - S7179194: new hotspot build - hs23.2-b08
  - S7179349: [macosx] Java processes on Mac should not use default Apple icon
  - S7179759: ENV: Nightly fails during jdk copiyng for solaris
platforms after FDS unzipping
  - S7180240: Disable alternative string hashing by default
  - S7180621: Hashtable has incorrect alternative hashing threshold
default value
  - S7180884: new hotspot build - hs23.2-b09
  - S7180907: Jarsigner -verify fails if rsa file used sha-256 with
authenticated attributes
  - S7181027: [macosx] Unable to use headless mode
  - S7181200: JVM new hashing code breaks SA in product mode
  - S7182135: Impossible to use some editors directly
  - S7182226: NLS: jdk7u6 message drop20 integration
  - S7182500: OCSP revocation checking fails if OCSP responce does not
contain certificates
  - S7182902: [macosx] Test
api/java_awt/GraphicsDevice/indexTGF.html#SetDisplayMode fails on Mac
OS X 10.7
  - S7182971: Need to include documentation content for JCMD man page
  - S7183209: Backout 7105952 changes for jdk7u
  - S7183251: Netbeans editor renders text wrong on JDK 7u6 build
  - S7183292: HttpURLConnection.getHeaderFields() throws
IllegalArgumentException: Illegal cookie name
  - S7184145: (pack200) pack200 --repack throws NullPointerException
when JAR file specified without path
  - S7184401: JDk7u6 : Missing main menu bar in Netbeans after fix for 7162144
  - S7184845: Apps6: menu tree bean in form throws npe in jre 7 while closing
  - S7184951: [macosx] Exception at java.awt.datatransfer on headless
mode (only in GUI session)
  - S7185512: The printout doesn't match image on screen.
  - S7188168: 7071904 broke the DEBUG_BINARIES option on Linux
  - S7190813: (launcher) RPATH needs to have additional paths

The tarball can be downloaded from:

* http://icedtea.classpath.org/download/source/icedtea-2.3.1.tar.gz

SHA256 checksums:


Each tarball is accompanied by a digital signature (available at the
above URL + '.sig').  This is produced using my public key.  See
details below.

The following people helped with these releases:

* Andrew John Hughes (all other IcedTea fixes, OpenJDK merges,
reproducer testing & release management)
* Robert Lougher (JamVM work)
* Omair Majid (PulseAudio work: PR902, PR986, PR1050)
* Xerxes Rånby (JamVM work)
* Yasumasa Suenaga (SystemTap work)
* Pavel Tisnovsky (fix for merge issue)
* Mark Wielaard (development of fix for RH852051/CVE-2012-4681,
SystemTap updates)

We would also like to thank the bug reporters and testers!

To get started:
$ tar xzf icedtea-2.3.1.tar.gz
$ cd icedtea-2.3.1

Full build requirements and instructions are in INSTALL:
$ ./configure [--with-parallel-jobs --enable-pulse-java --enable-systemtap ...]
$ make

Happy hacking!
Andii :-)

PGP Key: 248BDC07 (https://keys.indymedia.org/)
Fingerprint = EC5A 1F5E C0AD 1D15 8F1F  8F91 3B96 A578 248B DC07

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