[RFC][icedtea-web] Use description param when creating a LaunchException

Danesh Dadachanji ddadacha at redhat.com
Thu Feb 2 12:05:16 PST 2012

On 02/02/12 02:00 PM, Danesh Dadachanji wrote:
> Pushed.
> http://icedtea.classpath.org/hg/release/icedtea-web-1.2/rev/466a2440ed59

Bah sorry, I forgot to test the case where the locale's value is an 
empty string. I did not realize it returns null, I'll have to push 
another changeset. =(

Patch attached handles the null case.

+2012-02-02  Danesh Dadachanji  <ddadacha at redhat.com>
+	* netx/net/sourceforge/jnlp/LaunchException.java: Fix message
+	to handle null description.

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