Reviewer needed: backport of "6469266: Integrate Apache XMLSec 1.4.2 into JDK 7" into IcedTea6

Pavel Tisnovsky ptisnovs at
Tue Feb 28 08:40:11 PST 2012


I'd like to add following "small" (well 1MB of size ;-) backport to IcedTea6:
"6469266: Integrate Apache XMLSec 1.4.2 into JDK 7"

This patch fixes (among other thing) following issue:

hg diff created against recent IcedTea6 HEAD version is stored in an attachment
in a BZIP archive (because I don't want to send quite big 1MB attachment to public mail list).

Please note that it's not a direct backport because of (quite minor) differences
between IT6 and OpenJDK7 sources. This patch applies cleanly and it does not
seem to cause any compatibility issues.

Here's ChangeLog entry:

2012-02-28  Pavel Tisnovsky  <ptisnovs at>

	* Add new patch.
	* NEWS: Mention backport.
	* patches/openjdk/6469266-Integrate_Apache_XMLSec_1_4_2.patch:
	Backport of S6469266: Integrate Apache XMLSec 1.4.2 into JDK 7

Can anybody please review this change?

Thank you in advance,
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