Building Zero and/or Shark

Fredrik Öhrström oehrstroem at
Fri Mar 23 04:50:52 PDT 2012

Since you are working on the zero build, I would like to make a small comment.
Currently zero is implemented as an architecture in the hotspot
I.e. zero is on par with i386,x64,sparc....

This is unfortunate since the zero build shares the server jvm variant
directory structure
and it will definitely confuse the cross compiling setup attempts in configure.
And of course, even if zero does not care about which architecture it runs on,
it eventually has to run (be compiled) for some architecture.

I would like the following to be possible:
./configure --with-jvm-variants=sever,zero && make
which would create a java launcher that respondes to:
  java -server -version
as well as
  java -zero -version

But this is practically impossible as long as zero is an architecture.

I know that it is probably a lot of work to rewrite the hotspot makefiles
to do zero as just one of several jvm_variants, (client,server,kernel etc)
But I definitely think it would be worthwhile!


2012/3/6 Andrew Haley <aph at>:
> On 03/06/2012 03:05 PM, Magnus Ihse Bursie wrote:
>> The build-infra team (we who are working on creating a new, faster build system
>> -- see e.g.
>> has
>> recently tried building Zero and Shark on a recent JDK8, both directly on
>> OpenJDK and using IcedTea.
>> This has not been successful, resulting in a variety of errors.
>> Does anybody know if Zero and/or Shark is "supposed to" be currently buildable
>> in JDK8? Has anyone else build it successfully?
> No.  We're working on it.  The biggest problem is invokedynamic support,
> which we're having trouble getting to work on Zero.  As I understand it,
> ricochet frames are going to go away with a future release, which will
> make life much easier for us.
>> We'd like to make sure building Zero and Shark is kept viable when we modify the
>> build system; however if the sources does not compile then it's hard to check
>> that we don't break the build system, and unfortunately we don't have the
>> resources to fix compilation problems in Zero and Shark.
> Understood.  Once we have all the fixes in, we'll get back to you.
> Andrew.

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