[Bug 1197] New: ResourceManager.getApplicationResources() does not close InputStreams

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Sun Oct 21 21:57:26 PDT 2012


          Priority: P3
            Bug ID: 1197
                CC: unassigned at icedtea.classpath.org
          Assignee: gnu.andrew at redhat.com
           Summary: ResourceManager.getApplicationResources() does not
                    close InputStreams
          Severity: minor
    Classification: Unclassified
                OS: Linux
          Reporter: jlivings at redhat.com
          Hardware: x86_64
            Status: NEW
           Version: 7-hg
         Component: IcedTea
           Product: IcedTea

com.sun.naming.internal.ResourceManager.getApplicationResources() does not
close the input streams it gets from helper.getResources() and

While they will eventually be garbage collected and finalised, not calling
close() means that the file descriptors are open longer than they need to,
potentially causing a descriptor limit to be reached.

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