[RFC][icedtea-web]: Reproducer for DownloadService

Saad Mohammad smohammad at redhat.com
Tue Oct 30 11:55:02 PDT 2012


This post is slowly getting lost.. It would be nice to get this reviewed quickly
as DownloadService implementation patch is waiting on this to be pushed.

On 10/11/2012 04:30 PM, Saad Mohammad wrote:
> On 10/01/2012 04:41 PM, Adam Domurad wrote:
>> There's a few general concerns here (Mostly a result of this being hard to test):
>> 1. this generally looks like a unit test
>> 	- As discussed on IRC, this is probably OK considering that its quite difficult to unit test DownloadService in isolation.
>> 2. checking for 'true' or 'false' is a bit brittle, it'd be better if you could print all the cached resources and having the test check
>> 	- Also discussed on IRC, this would be difficult to do with the given API for handling cached resources
>> 3. its all one interdependent test, ran as one process. I think a
>> slightly better approach would be to take an argument to
>> DownloadServiceRunner that determines the test run type, and run the
>> minimal commands needed to test that component. For example,
>> loadExternalResource could be tested in isolation from loadPart. 
> Hi Adam,
> Thanks for the review. Updated patch is attached.
> As we discussed on IRC, satisfying #1 & #2 would be very difficult at the
> moment. However, I did make some changes for #3.
> What's new?
>        * Runs three different instances of DownloadServiceRunner to avoid
>          dependency of one process to output results. Checking cache, managing
>          jnlp resources, and managing external jnlps are verified by the stdout
>          of the three instances.
>        * Added two test which checks repeated calls of unloading and loading
>          a single resource
> ========================================================================
> ========================================================================
> 2012-10-11  Saad Mohammad  <smohammad at redhat.com>
> 	Added reproducer for DownloadService.
> 	* tests/reproducers/signed/DownloadService/resources/DownloadService.jnlp:
> 	Launching jnlp file that contains extension jnlp and jars marked with part names.
> 	* tests/reproducers/signed/DownloadService/resources/DownloadServiceExtension.jnlp:
> 	DownloadService extension jnlp file with jars marked with part names.
> 	* tests/reproducers/signed/DownloadService/srcs/DownloadServiceRunner.java:
> 	A simple class that uses DownloadService to complete tasks and outputs the results.
> 	* tests/reproducers/signed/DownloadService/testcases/DownloadServiceTest.java:
> 	Testcase for DownloadService.

Saad Mohammad

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