[Bug 1198] JSObject is not valid on Javascript side

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--- Comment #3 from Deepak Bhole <dbhole at redhat.com> ---

I took a second look at this issue. As I understand it, JS is calling
testFunction() in the applet code which in turn creates a JSObject representing
"new Object()" that resides in the Java VM.

The code is then trying to set "code" in the newly created JSObject. However
this JSObject is just a proxy for the Object instance created by "new
Object()". And The Object class does not have a member .code

I am not sure why the Oracle VM works here, but I don't see why it should.
Regardless of whether JS is strong or weakly typed, the JSObject in question
here represents an Object in a VM which is strongly typed. Attempting to set an
arbitrary property within the Object instance should result in an error.

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