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> Hi hackers,
> Over the last few weeks Xerxes and I have been experimenting with a
> buildbot setup which you can see at:
> The idea is that everybody who cares can add a buildslave setup to do a
> build and check for the configuration and architecture they care about.
> Currently all buildslaves are based on Debian derivatives and cover
> ia32, x86_64 and some arm architectures are. It does build various
> alternative runtime setups (cacao, shark, zero). And the slaves build
> various variants of icedtea6, icedtea7, icedtea-web (and the testrepo).
> If you have a spare machine with a dedicated internet connection that
> could do builds of some configuration you care about please let us know
> and we will try to add it as slave. If you have an alternative
> configuration you want to see done by one of the existing build slaves
> please also let us know and we can see if there are enough cycles to add
> it.
> The current buildbot master.cfg setup is checked in at
> I admit the master.cfg is a bit hacky. It needs to be cleaned up so that
> we have nice functions/factories for generating the build steps based on
> whether the slave wants to do a quick/full, special config flags,
> parallel, with/without some checks, etc. build instead of the current
> copy/paste hell that is there. But although I am a little ashamed of how
> bad my python skills are, it seemed better to just admit it needs
> cleanup and ask for help from those more proficient in python :)
> Also checked in is the old hacky bash shell script that is still running
> on and that sends emails as soon as the build of
> icedtea6 or icedtea7 trunk fails and/or the test results change. It
> would be nice to transfer any missing functionality to the new buildbot
> setup (like the test results comparison), so that any build slave that
> wishes can do the same. Since this script also still produces binaries
> everybody can use and full jtreg test result files, see under
> I decided to keep this also still
> running. But would really, really like to get rid of in the future.
> Feedback on how we can make this buildbot setup more productive for
> anybody hacking on icedtea really appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Mark

How are changes to master.cfg propagated to the running buildbot?  It seems
Xerxes fixed icedtea6-squeeze-x86_64-quick-shark on Friday by adding
--disable-system-lcms but the change hasn't appeared in any of today's builds:

./src/configure --disable-bootstrap --disable-docs --enable-shark
 in dir /usr/local/build/buildslave/icedtea/icedtea6-quick-shark/build (timeout 1200 secs)
 watching logfiles {}
 argv: ['../src/configure', '--disable-bootstrap', '--disable-docs', '--enable-shark']

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