Re: Request for review on German localizations for icedtea-web

Jacob Wisor gitne at
Tue Feb 5 15:26:40 PST 2013

"Jiri Vanek"<jvanek at> wrote:
> Hi!
> Thank you very much for translation!
> I have walked across it and found several issues:
> - SPLASHchainWas was added in meanwhile, if you may, you can include it to your  next version of
> translated files.

Yes, I am going to catch up on this.

> - All four files are identical, java fall back is working fine, so I'm for add just
> and where XX is the one you are most capable with
> (and pure _de. will be based on this _de_XX. for now). By this we will have covered all  German
> locales "somehow" ( I' not familiar with differences)  and one, de_XX will be covered as native as
> possible.

Then it will probably be best to have only, since there is nothing really region specific. I have checked that with a special dictionary for at least DE, AT, and CH. LI is usually equal to CH, BE and LU to DE. When it comes to technical language, there are no differences anyway. Hence, I assumed it has been expected to have identical files for spcific locales because cz_CZ is a specific locale too.

To be precise, in some EU countries there are officially recognized Geman-speaking minorites, e.g. like in CZ, IT, or PL. But, German is not an official language on the national level in those countries. Yet, it is an official language in those regions only. I do not think that we should go that far to cover those explicitly as well, since the EU or the national authorities do not do it either.

> - You have wrapped to 80 characters, this is not an rule for properties file. If it will be to much
> work for you to unwrap then  I do not insists - Otherwise I would like to keep all properties unwrapped.

There are some Java Platform implementations that have problems reading long properties, most often J2ME implementations. And, some of them have even a hard limit of 65535 bytes per line. I do not know how relevant that might become in the future, so I just wanted to avoid future repercussions. Btw, it is easier to read even tough many good editors can do line-preserved word wrapping.
If it is really bothering you, I can easily remove them.

> - I'm for removing the commented  original lines. IMHO they are making the file much more
> unmaintainable and most of the localisation software can show original lines anyway.

Sure, I have left them for review and as a request for comments only before delivering the final version.

> - I have not read whole file, please can you pick up all  the questions/comments here by email?

I will do that, but as an answer to my initial request for review posting, so that people do not get confused.
> Otherwise the localisation is working more then  fine and I'm really glad  for it!

I am glad to hear it. :)
> I have also enhanced our testsuite - see separate email with patch if you want to check it.

I will take a look at it.


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