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Naaman Newbold naaman at
Thu Feb 21 00:03:19 PST 2013

I've been building JDK6 & 7 the past week with IcedTea and am having
trouble reducing the size of final JDK. In particular, I care about the directory.

When I build the OpenJDK from source using the old build system (i.e., I
get a JDK that results in ~40mb tarballs (excluding doc, sample,,
and man from the tarball). I've noticed that the major difference is
jre/lib/amd64/server/ When I compile using the old build system,
it results in a ~12mb (uncompressed) When I compile with
IcedTea, it's ~150mb (uncompressed).

I suspect this is related to static/dynamic linking. But, I've gone through
all the flags in IcedTea's `configure` and I don't see anything obvious
about linkage that could be causing the size difference. In addition, my
system JDK is the same version (JDK6u27), was built with IcedTea, and has a

For the old build system, I have the following set:
export HOTSPOT_BUILD_JOBS=`cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep processor | wc -l`
export PARALLEL_COMPILE_JOBS=`cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep processor | wc -l`
export BUILD_NUMBER=b20
export LANG=C
export ALT_BOOTDIR=/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk
export ALT_CACERTS_FILE=/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk/jre/lib/security/cacerts
export MILESTONE=u27
export NO_DOCS=true
export DEBUG_BINARIES=false
export ALT_OBJCOPY=/dev/null

For IcedTea builds, I've been using the following `configure`:
./configure --disable-tests --disable-hotspot-tests --disable-docs

I also tried using the old build system's environment along with the
IcedTea build system. None of which had any effect on file size.

I'm building with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, gcc 4.4.3, make 3.81.

Thanks for the help.
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