[Bug 1534] Eclipse / ZendStudio crash

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--- Comment #3 from Thomas <thomas.vequaud at gmail.com> ---

This is weird 'cause I didn't upgraded ZendStudio or Eclipse and this error
happened right after an update of OpenJDK..

Anyway, thanks for your well-documented comment, I'll take a look on that...

(In reply to comment #2
> Unfortunately the log you have attached shows that the error is arising in
> native Eclipse/SWT code. It is not possible to fix this error in OpenJDK and
> it has to be fixed in Eclipse/SWT/libsoup (wherever the error happens to be
> in native code).
> There is a similar error that is a known issue in Eclipse which is fixed in
> the 4.3 release:
> https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=404776
> If you cannot switch to 4.3, comment 26 above mentions a workaround that you
> may want to try.

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