[Bug 1492] icedtea-web does not work with openjdk-7.25.15 on FreeBSD 9.1-STABLE

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Wed Sep 11 12:55:28 PDT 2013


--- Comment #12 from Richard Ullger <rullger at gmail.com> ---
Hi Andrew,

Appologies for the delay in replying, I've been away.

I have attached four screenshots and marked them for reference from these

After launching the jnlp file you should get the default template displayed.
This consists of several windows. We are only concerned with the main
ProRealTime window (screen1 item1), which contains menus and tool buttons and a
search text box; the Lists window (screen1 item2) and a price chart window
(screen1 item3). You can close other windows if you wish.

Ensure that the Lists window is displayed. You can do this by selecting it in
the Display menu of the ProRealTime window.

I believe that the error only occurs when the application is receiving data for
the chart displayed, so the particular market has to be open. Foreign currency
trades 24hrs and only closes at the weekend so it's best to use a forex chart.
In the dropdown list in the Lists window (screen1 item4), select the Forex
list. In the list of currencies, click on a currency pair to select it. In my
example I selected GBP/CAD. The price chart for the currency is displayed in
the chart window (screen1 item3).

To add an indicator to the chart click on the indicator button (screen1 item5).
The indicator window opens (screen2 item1). Select the Moving average (on
price) indicator (screen2 item2). Click the Add button (screen2 item3). The
indicator settings window opens (screen3 item1). Set Nbr Periods to 50 (screen3
item2). Click the close button (screen3 item3). You can see the moving average
line drawn on the chart (screen3 item4).

Screen4 shows the error that appeared as I went to add a second indicator.


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