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Thu Sep 12 09:32:59 PDT 2013

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> Hi Jakob,
> On 09/12/2013 11:10 AM, Jakob Wisor wrote:
> > I have realized that IcedTea-Web's Mercurial repo does not carry any
> > branches, instead some revisions are tagged with versions.
> Mercurial supports 'branches' in 3 different ways: bookmarks (analogous
> to git branches), branches and repositories. There's a fantastic
> write-up of the details of each available at:
> http://stevelosh.com/blog/2009/08/a-guide-to-branching-in-mercurial/

I don't think bookmarks existed when we started.  We tried Mercurial's "branches"
but they caused problems then and, having looked at them recently again, they
are just as bad now.  So we just use separate repos for simplicity.

> > Just out of curiosity, and before I screw up and perhaps messing up
> > IcedTea's source control server, what's the process for pushing patches
> > to those tagged revisions? I mean, I can surely create a branch locally
> > but when I am going to push it I am unsure about the results on
> > IcedTea-Web's repo. Or, should we send Jiri patches based on a tagged
> > revision and he will do the merge?
> IcedTea-Web (like most other projects on icedtea.classpath.org) uses
> separate repositories for separate branches. There's a list of all
> repositories available at:
> http://icedtea.classpath.org/hg/
> For IcedTea-Web, we use the repositories at
> icedtea.classpath.org/hg/release/icedtea-web-${VERSION} for the release
> branches. 1.4 is icedtea.classpath.org/hg/release/icedtea-web-1.4/
> > Well, just on a side note; This is one reason I am fed up with
> > Mercurial. No one really knows what Mercurial does or how it is going to
> > behave on specific commands.
> Funny enough, since I learned mercurial first, I have the same reactions
> with git. All the commands are really obtuse in git and seem to take 5
> different flags each of which can change behaviour in unexpected ways.
> And it's really easy to destroy data - the same command I to remove
> local changes removes committed changes too.
> To me mercurial seems to have a single well-defined way of doing each
> thing (other than branching, I guess).
> If you are missing some of the more powerful features of git (rewriting
> history, auto-paging on terminal, colours, stashing), take a look at
> some mercurial plugins ('rebase', 'pager', 'color' and 'mq' respectively).

Hmmm.... I used darcs, then Mercurial, then git and I curse OpenJDK for not
using git all the time.  Mercurial just seems like a poor attempt at being git with
half the features missing and stupid misnamed ones.

> Cheers,
> Omair
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