[rfc][icedtea-web] bringing applets out of browser (part1)

Jiri Vanek jvanek at redhat.com
Fri Dec 5 19:07:31 UTC 2014

not done - remembering of values from AccessWarningPane and -html switch (all will go as another 
not tested - create always setting (without asking user)
in next iteration - localization of messages

Ufghh.. this is tought one. It is adding possibility to create desktop/menu shortcut which leads to 
appelt directly, not via browser. To do so, many tweeks to previous patch were needed)

long stroy short:
set .config/icedtea-web/deployment.properties

and run some appelt in browser

Get scared by new desktop shortcut dialogue (there is a lot of explaining tooltips!)
And then prize be the light!

disclaimer - although I have tested pretty hard, I doubt I have covered all cornercases of jnlp 
generation. Whatever will be found, I will try to fix now or in another chnagesets...
Also note, that appelts using javascript or some long-into-bank applets will probably never work out 
of browser... But still, majority of applets *will* work. And those old simple applets are target 
audience of this patch.


ps: I'm going to speak about this on defconf on start of february, and I'm on vacation 20.12-20.1 so 
if "anybody"  (sorry Jie :) ) can look over it...I will really appreciate:( Sorry for late patch...
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