what's the difference between the icedtea and JAMVM+GNU CLASSPATH?

Andrew Hughes gnu.andrew at redhat.com
Wed Dec 10 16:00:06 UTC 2014

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> Hello,
> I am porting JRE into MIPS24K platform(linux). since OpenJDK don't support
> mips(our target CPU is not Longsoon), after google some clues,maybe there
> are two solutions: icedtea by --enable-jamvm or JAMVM+GNU CLASSPATH. I'm
> new in the two project,so some questions occoured:
> 1 Could the icedtea support mips24K? how to compile it for mips?How much
> footprint about JRE in my target board(embedded linux)?

If you build IcedTea on MIPS, it will use the Zero assembler port by default.
I believe Debian build on MIPS, so it should work. Using an alternative VM
like CACAO (--enable-cacao) or JamVM (--enable-jamvm) may give better
performance, but builds with these VMs have not been known to pass the Java
TCK (Testing Compatibility Kit).

> 2 if JAMVM+GNU CLASSPATH also support mips, what's difference between
> icedtea and JAMVM+GNU CLASSPATH?

IcedTea uses OpenJDK as the Java class library. GNU Classpath is an alternate
implementation of the class library which is not yet as complete.

> I would deeply appreciate if someone help.
> thanks!

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