IcedTea-Web 1.4.2 released!

Jiri Vanek jvanek at
Wed Feb 5 04:19:59 PST 2014

Hi all!

Please consider as unfrozen)


After extracting, it can be built as per instructions here:

New in release 1.4.2 (2014-02-05):
* Dialogs center on screen before becoming visible
* Support for u45 new manifest attributes (Application-Name)
* Custom applet permission policies panel in itweb-settings control panel
* Plugin
   - PR1271: icedtea-web does not handle 'javascript:'-protocol URLs
   - RH976833: Multiple applets on one page cause deadlock
   - Enabled javaconsole
   - RH1010958: insecure temporary file use flaw in LiveConnect implementation

Except above also:
  - Christmas splashscreen extension
  - fixed classloading deadlocks
  - cleaned code from warnings
  - pipes moved to XDG runtime dir

Best regards,

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