Jack Bates 3b5hkp at
Wed Jan 1 14:16:20 PST 2014


Firefox complains "A plugin is needed to display this content." when I 
try to access Oracle Forms. I am running a fresh install of Ubuntu 13.10 
plus the icedtea-6-plugin package, version 1.4. The plugin is detected 
by Firefox when I visit both about:addons and about:plugins

I reduced the Oracle Forms landing page to this test case:

Firefox complains with the same error when I visit this test case ("A 
plugin is needed to display this content.") but the error goes away if I 
drop the "jpi-version" from the test case. Unfortunately I can't drop 
the "jpi-version" from the actual Oracle Forms landing page.

Can IcedTea-Web run the Oracle Forms applet?


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