Applet key thing, SOLVED.

Stefan Reich stefan.reich.maker.of.eye at
Thu Jan 16 21:33:38 PST 2014

OK, finally I got it working...

I had to remove all the AWT components, just keep the applet and handle
paint() myself.

Weird, but OK. It works and I don't need any AWT anymore anyway, ha. We'll
build a GUI universe with Lua pixels. :-)

Some mixed feelings remain about IcedTea. I mean, it's good that it exists,
we need applets on Linux. Just it could be more stable or something I
guess. I mean, where is the problem located? Is it more in Firefox or more
in IcedTea? I'm asking bluntly here. Java is a VERY stable platform, so
it's weird to see a Java plugin crash or go crazy like that. Because the
Java VM doesn't do that.

Again, sorry for being blunt, but this caused me some headaches...

Stefan :-)
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