[Bug 1658] Ebay standard uploader does not find pictures

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--- Comment #2 from Chris Beck <tacomasternoob at gmail.com> ---
Getting to the same page to upload the photo is as follows. Log in to ebay and
go to your main user page by hovering over "My Ebay" and click on "Selling",
then click on "Sell" which should be on the 3rd button from the left.Then click
"Browse Categories". Then i clicked on "Ebay Motors", "Motorcycles", "Ducati",
then click on "Monster", and then click done at the bottom page. I then cliced
"fixed pricing", and clicked the "select" button. Then i filled out the basic
info for this bike on this page, (info here does not have to be exactly
correct), but after this page is filled out with the required info click on
"save and continue". The next page has the "add pictures" button about half way
down the page, click on this button and a new window pop's open. In this window
it should start with the standard uploader but to make sure just look to the
right from where it says (select photos to upload) if you are in the standard
uploader it should say (Having trouble? Try the Basic Uploader) if you see this
text you are in the standard uploader. Then click on browse and it should bring
up a window to view file to upload from your harddrive. This is where i am
having the problem I do not see the .jpg file that i am trying to upload on my
hard drive when i moved them here nor do i see the pictures on the sd card that
was removed from the camera. If you click the upper right where it says "basic
uploader" it works as it should but the uploads are just alot slower. and you
can only upload one file at a time.

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