issues building jdk8u/jdk8u20

Matthias Klose doko at
Mon Jul 7 19:47:45 UTC 2014


I got the advice to try the jdk8u-dev ML first, so here we go:

I'm trying to build packages for Debian/Ubuntu from the

archive. There are a few issues I can't figure out:

 - linux distros usually have their own standards about what
   to do about debug information. so what I want to do is to
   ask openjdk not do to anything, and do the stripping
   with the distro tools. this doesn't seem to work.

   Configuring with the environment vars


   and --disable-zip-debug-info, I still get .debuginfo files.
   Is there any way how to disable this stripping at all?
   Is there any documentation what debug information is needed
   for a working OpenJDK 8 build?

 - The toplevel configury seem to support --with-extra-*flags,
   however the subprojects don't pick up these values. This
   is needed for distros to build with flags to default to
   hardening issues.

 - The demos build fails to build with the hardening defaults
   used in Debian and Ubuntu. Sure, you don't see this, because
   the extra flags are ignored.

There are more issues, however I consider these above preventing integration of
OpenJDK-8 into Debian/Ubuntu. If you need any bug tracker issues, please let me
know how to submit these.

Another issue are the assumptions being made about cross builds, and selecting
the appropriate build tools. I'd like to discuss these with somebody having
experience with cross builds.

thanks, Matthias

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