Run icedtea-web using JamVM

Felipe Scarel fbscarel at
Fri Oct 3 18:46:50 UTC 2014

Hello all,

first post here, I apologize in advance if what I'm asking has already been
covered before. I did search a lot for it, and nothing specific came up,

I'm building a custom i386 system using Buildroot. My goal is to produce a
very small VM image containing only, midori and a working JRE plugin
for browser operation. My first attempt included using the Oracle JRE and
building everything with glibc, but the resulting size was far too large
for my intended use.

Naturally, I gravitated towards IcedTea-web. I've managed to successfully
make a somewhat working build environment and could compile the plugin to
the VM image (total size just under 50MB, pretty good).

The problem is I used OpenJDK-7 to build the image in my host environment,
and understandably IcedTea won't work on the resulting image, complaining
'java' is not on the PATH. I have access to JamVM on Buildroot (as this
package has already been made available previously), so my question is: can
I use icedtea-web with JamVM (rather than OpenJDK-JRE)?

If that's not possible I'll probably have to build and install OpenJDK on
the target environment, which would not exactly be ideal.

Thanks for your help,
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