Run icedtea-web using JamVM

Omair Majid omajid at
Mon Oct 6 15:28:00 UTC 2014

* Felipe Scarel <fbscarel at> [2014-10-06 09:01]:
> I succeeded in building IcedTea on the host system with pointers both
> on and off-list. I appreciate all the help given so far.
> I've built IcedTea using the default OpenJDK build, and from what I've
> read there's no 'install' target; after 'make', the resulting build is
> available on the '' directory. That's great, but the size
> of that directory is a whopping 3.6GB, which is gigantic -- of course,
> I assume there's a lot of stuff I won't need on my target system here,
> such as documentation and build objects.

The `j2sdk-image` directory is what you want. It's basically a
standlone-Java SDK in a ready-to-ship form.

> Is there any documentation on
> which directories/files are absolutely needed to run the web plugin
> and should be copied from this '' directory?

IcedTea-Web uses a number of files from that j2sdk-image directory. Just
give it the path to that directory using `--with-jdk-home`.


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