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Jie Kang jkang at redhat.com
Tue Sep 2 20:00:09 UTC 2014

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> Hi,
> * Jie Kang <jkang at redhat.com> [2014-09-02 14:25]:
> > I have improved the test by making it use a temporary cache. However I
> > don't think downloading from a github repo is the best idea. Does
> > anyone have any suggestions?
> What capabilities do you need from the download URL? If you just need an
> alternative to github, you can also use a personal repo at
> icedtea.classpath.org. Let me know if you decide to use that and I can
> help you set it up.
> > I think having tests for the download
> > functionality is quite important.
> I agree. Tests to know that thing is working and working fast are great
> to have.
> However, these should be moved to integration tests and run using the
> web server that's part of the test suite. Here are my reasons for this:
> - The URL is an external resource; unit tests should not require network
>   connectivity.
> - Since it's a performance test, the results need to be examined by a human
> to
>   figure out if they are passing. Running it as a unit test (on every
>   build) doesn't really help us.
> - For anything more complex than a simple http GET, running the test
>   under a server that you can programmatically control to do unexpected
>   things or handle corner cases would be nice to have. And that server
>   is available for integration tests.


I agree completely that these tests should not be part of the unit test section. Could you elaborate on the integration tests and web server part? Do you mean the dist-test system that we're using for reproducers? Or something else that I'm not aware of;


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> Omair
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