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> Hello
> I'm looking for open jdk iced tea 7u09 that is distributed with redhat 6.4 I
> cannot find it in the website, ould you please help me ?
> Thanks
> Stefano

7u09 is the OpenJDK version used by IcedTea, not the IcedTea version. We list
the corresponding versions here:

but 7u09 is now very old and no longer listed.

Looking through older versions, I can't actually see a u09.

2.1 = u03
2.2 = u05
2.3 = u25

My guess would be that what you have is an very old version of 2.3. However, RHEL
uses just the OpenJDK forest from IcedTea, rather than IcedTea itself, so it's
hard to tell what you actually have.

I would suggest upgrading if you're running this, as there are many security
issues present in that version.

Hope that helps,
Andrew :)

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