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Non-working ARM32 patch

I spent most of yesterday and today attempting to port the ARM32 JIT from
IcedTea 2 to OpenJDK 8. It didn't go so well.

Because of the removal of PermGen and various other refactorings, the code
needs a lot of changes. Some are simple, but others require knowledge of
Hotspot that I don't have. The result I ended up with compiles, but probably
doesn't work. I don't know for sure because the Raspberry Pi I tried to build
on doesn't have enough memory for the build to succeed. I could try
cross-compiling, but at this point I have very little hope of getting an end
result that functions properly.

And as an FYI, the arm32-8u40 repository referenced by the above comment
doesn't even compile. It had a bunch of errors in files that didn't appear to
be related to ARM32 or Zero, so I'm guessing a merge went wrong somewhere.
Hence the reason I decided to start from a known-good tree.

So, for whoever eventually works on this, I've attached a patch containing what
I did on top of OpenJDK 8u51-b16. Maybe it'll help you.

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