[Bug 2289] Internal Error (safepoint.cpp:321)

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--- Comment #12 from Andrew Haley <aph at redhat.com> ---

> I started reading how to parse that error and realized this issue is
> internal to the JRE.  ParallelGCFailedAllocation is throwing it to
> safepoint, so this is the underlying cause.  So it seems there's 2 issues
> here:
> 1) The underlying ParallelGCFailedAllocation.  Would welcome any
> steps/debugging to try and trace how this is being reached to try and
> resolve it.

It happens when an object cannot be allocated because a garbage collection
cycle is needed.  It's perfectly normal: a failed allocation triggers a GC.

> 2) Safepoint not being reached.  Part of me thinks this is just a victim of
> the other issue, parallel garbage collection failing.

No.  The problem is that, for some reason, the internal consistency check on
the polling page status failed.  I have seen this happen, but it indicates
really serious breakage somewhere.

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