[rfc][icedtea-web] add switch to trim main-class attribute

Jiri Vanek jvanek at redhat.com
Fri Nov 6 14:41:59 UTC 2015


I'm bugged at elast once per month  last half a year  "oracle can parse this jnlp, itw can not". The 
cause is always same - white char on start or end of amin-class attribute value.

This patch is for head, and is adding warning when white-char is there and is adding new 
Xtrimmainclass javaws switch, which will allow trimming (if there si whitechat).

I would like to backport to 1.6 the refactoring of Parser to allow print this warning also there (so 
no new switch for 1.6)

I recall several discussions about triming by default, and the resutl was always no. If mood changes 
I'm 60:40 ok to change this for head.



unittests and reproducers on way as separate changeset...
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