[Bug 3144] [IcedTea6] Test subdirectory of build tree not emptied

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--- Comment #2 from hg commits <mercurial at icedtea.classpath.org> ---
author: Andrew John Hughes <gnu.andrew at redhat.com>
date: Tue Aug 16 04:13:50 2016 +0100

    PR3144: Test subdirectory of build tree not emptied

    2016-08-15  Andrew John Hughes  <gnu.andrew at member.fsf.org>

        PR3144: Test subdirectory of build tree not emptied
        * Makefile.am:
        (CRYPTO_CHECK_BUILD_DIR): Make a subdirectory of
        (clean-tests): Depend on clean-cryptocheck and
        clean-mimetypecheck. Don't try to remove the
        test directory as it will always contain the
        configure-generated jstapset.pl.
        (clean-local); Remove clean-cryptocheck and
        clean-mimetypecheck dependencies now handled
        by clean-tests.
        (clean-mimetypecheck); Depend on clean-check-mimetype
        as that removes a file in the directory which
        this target deletes.
        * NEWS: Updated.

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