browser plugin for firefox on windows

Mattias Eliasson mattias.eliasson at
Thu Dec 29 11:30:33 UTC 2016


I know that there are a lot of use cases where Java Plugins are still 
used. For development Vaadin is pretty much the only alternative but I 
wouldn't say that I'm satisfied with that replacement. It uses a lot of 
resources both on the client and the server and it doesn't have a 
fraction of the features of Swing on a full Java VM. Even if Swing is 
very outdated as a UI framework there are nothing as good as it that 
runs in a browser. Another option is Flash but you will not have 
anything close to Swing or even AWT in Flash.

But this use case is about running an existing applet and I would say 
that if it doesn't requires graphics, then visualization is probably the 
best way to go. Pick a Linux distribution that ships with decent 
icedtea-web packages and install that in a virtual machine. Then use 
that to run the applet. It's a long way to go for running an applet but 
it usually works.

Another way is to use the Applet Viewer or perhaps even fork it into an 
application that bundles your applet. It lacks the sandboxing that you 
would want when running an applet from the web but in your use case that 
may not be a problem.

//Mattias Eliasson

Den 2016-12-23 kl. 14:21, skrev Peter Koellner:
> On Fri, 23 Dec 2016, Jiri Vanek wrote:
>> On 12/22/2016 05:10 PM, Peter Koellner wrote:
>>> Hi!
>>> How do I use OpenJDK8u 32bit with firefox on windows? I have tried 
>>> registering the jre with the
>> Badly. But depends on your usecases.
>> Generally - java plugin is dead. Deal with it. Me, as itw developer 
>> is sad, but me ITW maintainer is happy. And me as web user is double 
>> happy.
>> So why do you wont to dig it out of grave?
> Because we have a third-party application using an applet we don't 
> control that we have to keep alive for some time for our customers. To 
> that end, we want to keep a 'sane' installation of that zombie
> in a controlled environment, and to that end we need to do some minor 
> changes to the
> system environment that java feeds to the applet as long as necessary. 
> It is an essential tool
> for our customers.
>> ITW was never supported on windows. There is fork of ITW for windows 
>> (have also Windows plugin) which I.m aware it exists, but I never 
>> seen it. it is created by local guy Jacob (cced).
> Yeah, saw the sources.
>> javaws part of ITW, although not supported on windows, is known to 
>> work on windows. (Jacob tested it and send many patches to enhance 
>> compatibility). There is no real reason javaws shoudl not run on your 
>> machine.
>> As addition ITW's javws have nice feature - javaws --html somePage - 
>> It can run applets on this page without browser. But by general 
>> concept (you can not do browser app was designed without browser, 
>> right?) its powers are limited. Still it will be soon the only way 
>> how to run legacy appelts (once browsers finally cut off npapi)
> Well, we are dealing with a government entitiy here, so you can count 
> on that applet to probably outlive us all ;-)
> I'll have to see if we find a different solution then, thanks for the 
> reply.

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