[Bug 2219] plugin not working on chess.com (play against computer) in IceWeasel 35.0.1 on HandyLinux (Debian)

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--- Comment #4 from JiriVanek <jvanek at redhat.com> ---
So I had debugged quite a lot. And unluckily, the results are really bad.
I was not able to make it work, and indeed, it is running in Proprietary
I don't know how it is possible that it is running in oracle plugin.
Proprietary plugin is containig a lot of copypasted and hacekd code form java
(and so overriding standard library). I belive this is case when it can not be
fixed without such approach.

I'm going to close this, because I did not found way how to fix this without
copypasting classloading logic from jdk and changing it.

However, I belive only small changes in chess' code will make it work.
Something like if (isApplet()) then { donUseClassesMissingInAppletJar() }
Or to add com.chess.chessboard.MoveListener class (and maybe few more as
proprietary plugin was compalining baout more missing classes, but somehow
survived missing of MoveListener)

Also - they are announcing leaving of applet technlogy soon, but still shipping
applet with missing classes .. thats shame.

On contrary I agree that ITW should survive such an error (and jsut let the
application die). But - it usually does.

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