[Bug 2808] [IcedTea6] Backport "8076221: Disable RC4 cipher suites"

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Mon Jan 25 22:17:10 UTC 2016


--- Comment #1 from hg commits <mercurial at icedtea.classpath.org> ---
author: Andrew John Hughes <gnu.andrew at redhat.com>
date: Mon Jan 25 22:06:42 2016 +0000

    S8076221, PR2808: Disable RC4 cipher suites

    2016-01-25  Andrew John Hughes  <gnu.andrew at redhat.com>

        * Makefile.am:
        (ICEDTEA_PATCHES): Add new patches.
        * NEWS: Updated.
        * patches/openjdk/8076221-pr2808-disable_rc4_cipher_suites.patch:
        Backport of 8076221 to OpenJDK 6 b38.
        Improve reliability of DisabledAlgorithms test.
        * patches/pr2808-fix_disabled_algorithms_test.patch:
        Remove Java 7 features from new DisabledAlgorithms test.

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