[Bug 3166] invalid zip timestamp handling leads to error building bootstrap-javac

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Tue Sep 13 19:21:27 UTC 2016


--- Comment #4 from Ricardo Ribalda <ricardo.ribalda at gmail.com> ---
>As I said, I agree and it will be fixed in the next release.
>But you do need to look at why you're using such an old unsupported version in a >broken environment.

I think that I found what broke down my environment. 

glibj.zip (rt.jar) is build from classpath0.99 this way:

cf glibj.zip gnu java javax org sun META-INF && 

fastjar generates the timestamps using time(NULL), with returns the time in


while unzip/zip uses the TZ variable.

Problem solved (at least located) :)

Regarding the old version: it is what is provided by meta-java :(. Updating the
whole layer and testing it with every architecture is way beyond the time I
have allocated for this task. But when I am done with the deliverable I would
love to revisit this issue.

Andrew, do you need the patch in another format? main/git send-mail.... Or you
take care from here?

Thanks for your help!

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